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High-quality durable cages, cage nets, seed, feed, mooring systems, floating platforms, floating sheds, and Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

At RVR, we have been assembling and installing fish cages across India. The cages we supply can be tailored to your particular requirements.





Many landowners or fishermen who are interested in aquaculture may not have the necessary resources or the experience to start an aquaculture operation.


Growing fish in cages can be a means for landowners with existing ponds to produce fish to gain experience in aquaculture.


Our cage frame is made up of virgin grade HDPE modular floating pontoons. They are UV resistant and environmental friendly as they are 100% recyclable and have a long life.

When it comes to safeguarding your fish stock in marine waters, you need cages with high quality netting that’s durable and allows good water exchange.


The sea cages designed by RVR are made up of virgin grade imported HDPE pipes that deliver long service life.


These storm resistant cages have excellent flexibility with high tenacity and are corrosion free. They have been engineered to meet the demanding conditions of marine fish farming.

The principle of operation of brackish water ponds is different from freshwater ponds. Everything from water salinity to seeding and water currents needs to be considered.


At RVR, our seed sourcing and farming practices are on par with international quality standards.


Our cage frames are made up of galvanised steel coated with epoxy paint and virgin grade HDPE. Our cages are long lasting and environmental friendly as well since they are 100% recyclable.

other products


At RVR, we have the capability to offer cage farming as well as land based aquaculture operations with complete technical solutions and service.

Floating platforms

Cage nets

Floating sheds

Safeguard your investment with certified superior quality cage nets from RVR. With years of experience in the industry, we have supplied customised and robust cage nets to fish farmers across the globe.


Our cage nets are designed and engineered to keep predators outside and protect your fish stock inside using the latest technologies available in the market. Your stock will be well protected.

Whether you are facing the challenge of changing water levels or are short of shore space, you won’t have to worry anymore. RVR's state-of-the-art floating sheds will take care of all these challenges

for you.


They are specifically engineered and designed to your site's specifications and needs. Our floating shed structures are strong, durable and can withstand impacts caused by floating debris.

Our wide range of floating platforms is modelled for varied purposes for fresh, brackish and salt water applications. They are  designed to meet various load capacities and specifications to handle all aspects.


They are sturdy and come with sinking systems to enable buoyancy control. You can put a wide variety of business projects on the water into practice by using our durable floating platforms.




At RVR, we specialise in the supply of various species of good quality, healthy and disease-free fish seed sourced from farms and hatcheries around the country.


We have developed streamlined logistics solutions to ensure that  you receive good quality seeds at your farm. Our satisfied clients include private entrepreneurs, fish farmers and government fishery departments.

Aquaculture is the most efficient method to convert feed to edible protein. We have partnered with Growel  Feeds to supply world-class essential nutrients feeds for for healthy aquaculture.


Our aqua feeds have been consistent in fetching great results for farmers all over India. The feed combines technology and nutrition to enhance profitability. You will get the best  benefits and survival rates with our nutrient supplies.


RVR has earned an excellent reputation over the years for delivering top-notch boats. Our robust work boats offer great design, quality build, unique flexibility, user friendliness and low maintenance.


The boats help farmers access the cage sites for feeding and maintenance. They provide easy access and help farmers feed and conduct other operations on site.


Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) are the future of fish farming. They operate by filtering water and removing impurities from the fish tanks so it can be reused within the tank.


Having installed and commissioned RAS for research based hatcheries, we have the expertise to provide our customers with the cutting-edge solutions of tomorrow.